About us

Welcome to the blog of the Federation!

This site is a continuation of the Facebook group and a complement to the website.
It has two goals:
- to present the fonding texts of the Federation, mainly the Constitution and the Charter of the Movement.
- to deepen the issues raised by our federation of Israel-Palestine project , on a less frenetic pace than that of FB. It is done in a blog where each of you is invited to participate.

In addition to my texts, you'll find articles from other writers who touch on the issue. I'm trying to set up a comprehensive database of texts that deal with alternatives solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
I have chosen texts that are in my opinion the most interesting, preferably dealing with a federal solution.

Usually I write a few words of introduction to the article I have found to tell why it interested me, and I emphasize in bold the parts that seem most relevant.

Enjoy reading here!
Feel free to comment on the posts! Any comments, questions are welcome!
Tell me if you want to be a collaborator to the blog!


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